How to make money on Megacams?

Do you want to sell your sex videos? Many platforms could help you make money selling your privately recorded sex videos and make money by building an adult business around your content.

Covid-19 lockdowns and the evolution of Onlyfans as a major subscription platform for adult content creators give adult creators new hope to record themselves and make money from the comfort of their homes. Megacams is a website that can serve as a better alternative platform for creators.

What is Megacams?

Megacams provides you with an opportunity for adult content creators like you to start making money on the platform through different means. Megacams provide you with different monetization features and enable you to easily reach your potential fans.

Megacams isn’t a cam site, instead it is a site where you can connect with your fans. You can sell your videos and pictures but most important Megacams is a site where you can actually connect with your fans on a personal level.

How can you make money on Megacams?

In Megacams you can make money in different ways. We have listed different ways in our article below:

  • Make Money on Megacams through selling your videos and pictures: On Megacams, once you are a verified model, you can upload your pictures and videos and let your fans pay for them before watching them. If you publish a mixture of free as well as paid content, this increases your chances of getting discovered.
  • Make Money sexting or texting with your fans: Your fans can have sext or text with you on Megacams. It is free for everyone to connect with you through chat but if they ask you for a photo or a custom video, you let them pay you for uploading a picture or a video.
  • You can integrate your cam stream on Megacams: If you are on LiveJasmin or Chaturbate, you can integrate your live video on your Megacams profile. You can get more visitors through this method to your camming site.

The Potential Pros of becoming a model on Megacams:

  • Megacams help you grow and reach your target audience. They have great discoverability features like they mention your profile on the front page. And if you are publishing a mixture of free and paid content, they help you get more sales on your videos.
  • Megacams invest money into advertising by promoting your profile to the right audience.
  • Someone can connect with you and help you grow your fan base.
  • You can also chat or sext with your fans.

One big problem with other adult platforms is; that they take a lot of time verifying you and sometimes they reject your application. Also, in the case of other sites like ManyVids or Clips4Sale, they take upto 50% of your money while in the case of Megacams, they only charge 40% commission which most of it it’s used to get traffic to your profile.

Sign-up for Megacams here.

How to make big money on Megacams?

Megacams have over 10,000+ creators creating content on the platform and making good money. We run a study to find out that there are certain factors that could help you make more money on Megacams which we have discussed in the listicle below:

  1. Create more content. With just one or two videos, you are not going to make thousands of dollars, instead you need to produce more content and be consistent with the content publishing. Megacams do promote your videos but you also need to work on reaching more people by sharing your videos on social platforms like Twitter and Reddit.
  2. Curate content for social media: On Megacams, you can upload your videos and add a price tag to them. Take a small shot from your videos and share them for free on Twitter and Reddit and let your fans watch the complete video on Megacams. This will help you make more money and get more connections.
  3. One of the best things you could do is to upload a mix of free as well as paid content so that when your free video is getting more viewership, the Megacams algorithm recommends your pay-per-view videos and this increases the likelihood of someone buying your videos.
  4. You can also encourage your fans to have a custom request for pictures and videos through chat. If you are sexting with someone, you can let them know how you feel and tease them. You can send your nudes or a video and let them pay to view it.

I got FOMO when I first heard about Megacams and I think it is one of the best sites out there for adult content creators to sell their pictures and videos and give you all the features to connect with your fans.

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